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New release! Hive City Chapel


It′s happening!

Say hello to first of our Gothic Spires releases, Hive City Chapel.

In narrow alleyways, scattered between Cathedrals and nobility houses, are Hive City Chapels - beacons of spiritual light.
Constructed by first missionaries, who visited the planet centuries ago, its automechanisms work endlessly, emmiting light and chanting uploaded prayers.
Each of them is a sanctuary, as well as a bunker. In times of war, people may hide here, safe from enemies - and their thoughts.

Hive City Chapel blends one of the most iconic elements of Gothic architecture. Its elements, from intricate ocululs, through eagle-like conunterfort all the way up to the roof mechanism serve as a combination of grimdark aesthetics and real life parts of architecture seen through Medieval Europe.

Hive City Chapel comes on 8 sheets - 7 of which are 1,5 mm HDF and one, smaller - 3mm HDF. During the design process we took care of grouping the elements on them and make easily findable for users of every level. Each windows is made from several layers, giving them depth and unique look even when they′re unpainted. All delicate parts are hold firmly by evenly placed joints so your set will arrive safe & sound (as always with Kromlech logistics crew and their top levels of safety).

Each set is tightly packed with large cover on front and elements with A4 size, full-colour instruction inside. We made sure that all relevant information are provided both on the cover and assembly guide. Whether you find our product on our webstore, you will surely find out the the details and in-universe role of this buidings, what comes inside and nevertheless important building sizes. Which, by the way, we have also listed for you here:

Height: 15.5 cm
Width: 13.5 cm
Depth: 18 cm

From wargamer standpoint, if you are looking for a piece of terrain to cover your infantry and larger models (as presented here by now one else than Rotten Butcher itself!) Hive City Chapel is here for you. Due to light weight, thanks to being 90% constructed from 1,5mm HDF, this structure is both easy to transport and sturdy. Yes, we have tested its toughness - its only matched by our Mechanicum range, which can easily serve as book shelves...

We will certainly follow the fight of these four adventurers against Morbid Daemons with future release!

You can always grab the instructions for free right here. As always, there is a giveaway on our fanpage.

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Should you feel convinced? We hope so!
Get your Hive City Chapel today.

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