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Frostgrave Product Focus - City Ruins


Buried by fell magic beneath a shroud of snow and ice for thousand of years, Felstad has finally been uncovered. The thaw, however, revealed only ruins - skeletons of the once-magnificent structures of a bygone age. Now it is a labyrinth of debris and rubble, overrun by eldritch creatures and fraught with mystical traps - a place of great peril... and great treasures.

The City Ruins kit is one of the three Frostgrave essential sets that bring you the basic scatter terrain for your gaming table.
It consist of 9 two-storey building ruins along with 4 flights of stairs, 4 ladders and 4 gangplanks.

The separate ruins from the set are designed with puzzle-style floors that give you an option to join them together to form larger structures, but you can also just spread them across the table if you want more scatter terrain for your battlefield.

The additional floor and a set of ladders and gangplanks will spice up your game with another level of tactical challenge!

The buildings from this set alone can cover 2′ x 1′ of playing area but we recommend to combine them with Town Ruins kit to crowd your table with the Frozen City ruins!

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