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Frostgrave Product Focus - Sacred Temple


On top of a mountain overlooking the city stands one of the greatest of Felstad’s temples. Legends of its riches survive to this day. The ruins seem peaceful and safe. Creatures and other beings dare not venture near the sacred hill. Yet the temple slabs are strewn with the remains of many warbands and some of them are disturbingly fresh...

One of the Frostgrave Second Edition scenario-specific terrain sets. It′s designed for The Complex Temple scenario known from the previous edition of the game, where the wizards and their warbands venture into the ruined temple in search of treasures guarded by an ancient magic.

The Sacred Temple kit consist of five sections of a ruined temple, one of them being an altar centrepiece, and six columns.

When put tightly together the five sections of the Sacred Temple offer more than 1′ x 1′ of playing area. But thanks to the puzzle-style floor system they also look great when put away from each other, this way giving you an impression of a much larger structure.
You can also just spread them across your table and use them as separate ruined buildings!

The round altar is an ideal place to put a central treasure token, but it is also a great terrain piece for various different purposes - it makes a perfect summoning circle, for example.

When playing outside of The Complex Temple scenario we recommend to try placing treasure tokens on top of the columns to force your spellcasters to find a creative ways to reach them!

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