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Frostgrave Product Focus - Merchant House


Completely untouched by the ravages of ice and time, this house seems perfectly normal at first sight. There are no eerie lights, no ghastly sounds, no unearthly aura surrounding it. An adventurer used to the bizarre nature of Felstad would be perplexed - and probably worried - by how ordinary and safe this building appears to be.

We went a little rogue with this one and decided it will be not ruined - just to show how beautiful the HDF fantasy buildings can be. And without the broken walls and floors this place is a deathtrap when two warbands fight inside the confined corridors. Placing a treasure token in the House′s attic rises the difficulty of a scenario and forces the wizards to outsmart their adversaries by using spells like Teleportation or Crumble to get inside... or to get out before the enemy soldiers could get them!

The Merchant House kit consist of three storey house with detachable roof.
Every room is fully playable and thanks to every storey being a separate piece it is easy to place the models inside and continue a close quarters combat!
The doors can be posed as you like and you can use them to enrich your scenario with someone barricading themselves inside or with the wizard blowing up the closed doors with a spell!

If you combine the Merchant House set and the Town Ruins kits you will get enough terrain to fill the 2′ x 2′ table with the Frostgrave themed scenery.
And you can add another level of tactical challenge to your battlefield with the two-storey City Ruins and its set of gangplanks and ladders!

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