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Frostgrave Product Focus - Bell Tower


What function the bell performed in Felstad′s glory days remains a mystery, but the cursed thing tolls by itself and its ominous sound summons all kinds of fell creatures, constructs and the undead from the surrounding districts of the ruined city and even from other plains of reality.

One of the Frostgrave Second Edition scenario-specific terrain sets. It′s designed for The Summoning Bell scenario, new to the second edition of the game, where the warbands try to get the treasure hidden atop of a bell tower whilst fighting waves of monsters summoned by its cursed toll.

The Bell Tower kit consist of three storey ruined tower with detachable roof, one resin bell and a set of three ladders.

Every level of the tower is a modular piece and can be detached or rearranged, as well as the roof piece.
You can make two or three lower structures using this set or build a taller tower combining two Bell Tower kits!

It is the first time we are adding resin pieces to our HDF sets. The resin was the best material to capture the details and texture of an old enchanted bell.
It looks truly amazing hanging from the tower top but you can also pose it lying on the bottom of collapsed bell tower, since the clapper is the separate piece.

The bell is mounted on a HDF hook hidden under the tower′s roof and can be simply removed for easy storage or to use the kit pieces for some other game scenarios.

If you want enough terrain for The Summoning Bell scenario, just combine the Bell Tower and the Town Ruins kits to fill the 2′ x 2′ table with the Frostgrave themed scenery.

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