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Frostgrave Product Focus - Haunted Houses


These humble stone huts were home to an ancient order of monks that swore a vow to protect the secret of enchanted spring.
The monks and their order perished a thousand years ago, but their restless souls are still here fulfilling their duty.

One of the Frostgrave Second Edition scenario-specific terrain sets.
It′s designed for The Haunted Houses scenario known from the previous edition of the game, where the wizards and their warbands fight for the treasures guarded by hungry ghouls and the undead souls of ancient monks protecting their sacred place.

The Haunted Houses kit consist of one water spring representing the holy place of the order, five ruined stone houses*, each furnished with an ascetic bunk bed, and thirty random pieces of rubble to build a few piles of them.

The collapsed roofs of stone houses allow for an easy placement of models inside to keep a smooth game flow.

If you want enough terrain for The Haunted Houses scenario, just combine the Haunted Houses and the Town Ruins or the Cemetery kits to fill the 2′ x 2′ table with the Frostgrave themed scenery.

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You will find the Haunted Houses and the rest of our official Frostgrave Second Edition terrain sets in Bits of War webstore:

* Note that the scenario from the first edition has been changed in the new book, hence the different number of huts.

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