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Frostgrave Product Focus - Silent Tower


Frostgrave has many dangerous places, yet few are as notorious and feared by wizards as this tower.
A null-field, it negates all magic, leaving spellcasters powerless and vulnerable.
Only the most daring and reckless dare to venture inside - their bodies rest quietly on the damp floors and stairs of the Silent Tower.

One of the Frostgrave Second Edition scenario-specific terrain sets. It′s designed for The Silent Tower scenario known from the previous edition of the game, where the wizards and their warbands fight for the treasures hidden atop of a tower, where no magic work.

During the designing process we quickly decided this will be the flagship piece of the Frostgrave terrain series. The set had to be impressive in both size and design, with diverse and modular features and full of the Frozen City character.

The Silent Tower kit consist of three separate ruined buildings: a four storey high large tower portraying the mansion of some powerful wizard, a three storey high smaller tower acting as the wizard′s workshop and a two storey house representing a servants′ quarters.

Every level of each building is a separate module so you can use them in different ways and even build a higher towers using multiple copies of the kit.

To connect the buildings in a way described in a scenario guidelines the set comes with a large gangplank and a stone bridge.
The latter is made of two parts which can be connected if you want the bridge to be intact or you can made a gap in the middle that will force your miniatures to jump over it to get to the other side. The bridge is mounted to tower walls by special hooks that fit to the slots of the two particular tower modules.

The kit also comes with four ladders and four staircases that you can put anywhere (three of the latter are designed to fit the round walls of the large tower), so it′s up to you to decide how to access the different levels.

To breathe even more atmosphere to the tower ruins you get a collection of furniture in set - bookcases, armchairs, lecterns, tables and benches.
We tend to build barricades with them forcing our miniatures to make a fight roll to remove them in order to pass through!

We wanted to get as much playability as we could from the modular construction of the set. We took an advantage of the ruined nature of Frostgrave and made walls of some of the modules open to allow the players for an easy access inside of them without removing the different modules every time and to keep a smooth game flow.

The Silent Tower set is the most modular and playable kit we made so far and despite being designed for the particular scenario the potential to use it for different purpose is really impressive. Maybe you want a model to represent an established base of your wizard on the table? Just take a look at the bottom level of the large tower - there is a Summoning Circle already on the floor!

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