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Frostgrave Product Focus - Mausoleum


Standing at the centre of an ancient cemetery, the Mausoleum throbs with deathly magic that, despite the joint effort of ice and time, still protects what wealth and wisdom was buried inside. The guardians of this place might be long dead but they are restless and will fight the trespassers relentlessly.

One of the Frostgrave Second Edition scenario-specific terrain sets. It′s designed for The Mausoleum scenario known from the previous edition of the game, where the wizards and their warbands fight over treasures of some ancient necromancer while the waves of animated skeletons pour out from the cold bowels of the Mausoleum overwhelming the attackers.

Each of the Mausoleum′s walls has a short corridor in the middle (big enough to put a miniature on 25 mm base inside) that ends with a door. Each corridor is closed by iron gates, which you can pose at any angle. The set comes with three gravestones, more of which you will find in the Cemetery kit.

The Mausoleum and the Cemetery kits combined bring you enough terrain for the whole Frostgrave table if you want your wizards to explore the ancient necropolis of Felstad and clash for its treasures guarded by the undead.

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