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Black Friday Preview: Deals Guide


Black Friday Deals

With over 60 products and twelve bundles we thought it would be good to shed some light on great deals that you can catch this weekend. We took our chosen tabletop terrain for each product line and give you a sentence or two about how awesome they′re!

Orkenburg: Orc Junk City

Our pride & joy! If you want to start your Orc terrain table, look no further. Below you will find three most exciting bundles (in our opinion)!

Krumpenhof features a Smack Bar, Orc Quarters and Orc Barracks - each structure of their own, unique type and function. This set provides every Orc settlement with a terrain both for narrative and matched play purposes!

But there are more war-like bundles out there...

With all our wall pieces, Skargruk Line stands out as a most modular piece of terrain in the Orc line (as of now!). With all ten terrain pieces, we are sure that once you start creating an Orc outpost, you will only need to fill it inside with some fortifications!

Orc Fort - featuring tallest Orc structure next to Orc Troop Transmitta - the Irontoof Bastion - as well as two Waatchtowers. What′s so great about it? Well just add little ′dakk... alright LOTS OF IT, and it will look like straight from a battlefield, when Orc Korde lays a siege to the Imperial City. Speaking of which...

Mechanicum: Industrial Sector

The series with a largest number of bundles aimed for skirmish games and creating your own, tangled structures.

More recently we have featured a mini-series of structures representing the depths of Industrial Sector. Our Industrial Pipes are great not only as line of sight blocking terrain, but also provide a great way to enhance the gameplay, as soldiers can move inside them!

If you ever wanted to make the depths of your city a playable terrain with an option to change it each play - search no further than these bundles!

Older than them are Promethium Chimney and Industrial Platform bundles - and as with all these sets, they were already 10% discounted - which only adds the spice to our 20% promo for a real bargain!

Gothic Spires: Hive City

Our most recent addition has several features accumulating for a great shopping time.

Hive City Arbitratorum is one of those structures that is great in terms of games and displays. With lots of space for models, it is a great area terrain, a firing platform for dozens of Legionaries or Orcs.
What is even more awesome - the landing pad is a separate piece and can be detached!

This tabletop piece involves one of our recent releases - Confession Machine - in a number of four, with a Generator to combine them all in a Confessorum structure! So not only you get five structures - one of them is exclusive to this set and allows to make it a modular piece - from 0 to 8 Confession Machines can be attached to it!

There is also much, much more of sets to look out for. And if you like to spice things up, don′t hesitate to use our packs of signs!

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