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Black Friday Preview: Discounts & Free Shipping


Last 11 eeks were pretty cool, weren′t they? Over 10 new releases, with entire Gothic Spires line and Orktober celebrations... and we are speeding up towards this years one of most important events, which is Black Friday Sale!

Today, we’re giving you a bit of a preview of the great methods to make this looting time pleasant for you and your wallet...

Since Thursday morning (12:00 PM), all our sets and Kromlech products will be on a 20% discount. All. Of. Them.
But that′s not all - you can combine it with any code you may have for an additional discount. Just enter a code you have at the check out!

When buying our bundles on this day, Veteran customers not onlz will get buildings 30% cheaper (20% discount + 10% saved on ′bundle′ set), but also additional 5% for buying so much from us!
Want to become a veteran? Follow this link for a full description.

If you go past 150€ in your order (Excluding shipping) we will ship if for free! How an you reach that sum? There are several ways...

Hive City Habitats

With our latest structure comes the great opportunity to create a sprawling city streets and skyscrapers reaching veeery high - as high as you want them to be! This building was designed to be stacked and create really high pieces of terrain - with two of them you can create over two feet high structure!
Three of them are elgible for free shipping - just add anything from our store (to make up for these 3 cents) and that′s it!

Church District

Get the most intricate structures to be released: Hive City Cathedral and Hive City Chapel, which is close to the sum of 150€. These two kits are by far one of the top-selling products of last two months!


You can also mix it with tools from Kromlech range to have a great starting set for your workstation! These are the very same product we use each day in our studio - to prepare fantastic new releases.

Be it any of these sets, our crew will pack it and send it as soon as possible - so that even if you live on another continent, you will find the package in the beginning of the December.
See you tomorrow with our great discount!

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