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Studio Miniatures: Sons of Thor Focus


Coming back to ′Get Inspired′, Maciej wanted to show you a detailed look at some of our parts. Bringing together Orc specialied units and our Halftrakk, he had also kept his watchful eye on the other ranges - especially Sons of Thor. Almost entire range has been released with him on board and clearly he′s got a word or two about each part - from simple torso to wholly assembled miniature.

Although Morbid Legionaries are always my primary concern (for the Lord of Decay!), Sons of Thor have such neat design, its hard for me to turn eyes from those releases! All those furs, skull and little details - like small fangs on their wolf cloaks - when used on a model they give it so much story and character! I hope you will also find something for yourself, whether you are fan of Space Vikings, or not. Let′s start this showcase..

Our range

In the ′Sons of Thor′ range you will find almost every type of bits to convert your own Legionaries. I have prepared for you a handy list of all we have (excluding vehicle parts):

And additional bits to make them shine!

I will do my best to show you, how these bits combine with each other and what details do they possess.

Torso & Backpacks

Starting my squad, I wanted to combine the two most popular products of this line.
Every torso or backpack create a stunning model when added to a ′traditional′ Legionary. When you attach both together - the result is extraordinary! I have also used wolf cloaks from the other set for two of my models. For the squad leader, I decided to give him the cape which comes with Torso set - it will make him stand out of others. The others will look like veterans too, with their wolf cloaks hanging from their backs.

The "Long Fangs"... weapons and shoulder pads

Simply a matter of ones choosing, I decided to equip my ′Sons′ with heavy weapons - Lascannons and Heavy Plasma Cannons. Below you can see how they present at this step, with arms attached. The Heavy Weapon are little gems of themselves - with so many cables, little knobs and heat sinks they look as realistic as you can get in grimdark future.

The Shoulder pads come in 5 different designs, with a pair of each - by mixing them up you can create a large variety of pauldrons already!

Legs and bases

Legs from ′Sons of Thor series come in 3 diffrent designs (box contains a pair of each) from which you can pick the ones most suitable for your project.
What is more, they absolutely don′t interfere with wolven cloaks or capes these guys have - there is plenty of space to show off the leg details in the back once painted.
I choose to use 32mm round ′Rocky Outcrop bases to go with my Legionaries. They are now standing little higher and are certainly more formidable.

Assembled squad

Taking Legionary heads package, I proceeded to finish my band of devastators. Although we don′t have bearded heads in our offer (yet!), these ones suit them great, reinforcing the look of iron clad warriors. You may also want to check out other heads from our Legionary range - we made sure they will fit all Legionary torsos we have in our webstore.

So here it is - Sons of Thor Heavy Support Team! If you have photos of your Space Vikings - feel free to share them!
You might be featured on one of our ′Get Inspired episodes.

Thanks Maciej! While other members of our crew prepare their future designs, make sure to check out our fanpage for more news and sneak peaks!

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