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Studio Structures: Hive Furnace


With the release of Industrial Pipes, our heads started to burst with ideas for maze-like structures. We were lucky to receive a story from our hobby enthiusiast Zuza. If you want, you can check out her last week story about creating Gnaw machines of war. Meanwhile, let′s see what she has prepared for us in this episode of Studio Structures.

Zuza: Guys asked me again to prepare stuff with last week′s Industrial Pipes releases. Although, I′m deeply in love with Orkenburg range (and hope to show you something from my collection in the future!), I′ve managed to snatch some time and create entirely new thing for Mechanicum sector - hopefully to give a boost on your projects!

The Industrial Pipes can take a role of whatever you imagine them to be - transporting gases or liquids to the refinery, being sewers of the imperial city or - as in my case - being a funnel for ashes to be pushed into the grey sky above.
The bit of fluff from the grimdark universe – that bodies of citizens can be used as fuel for great furnaces of hive cities- was my impulse to recreate a terrain which could appeal to that bit of the story.

Now, let′s see how it turns out!

My goal was to make 3-4 stories high structure, which would be a entanglement of pipes. The list of products I have taken to prepare this:

I have planned it in a way to give my best shot to the capabilities of these tubes. The tower would be similar in high to Large sets of Industrial Platforms and Promethium Chimneys.

As with all Mechanicum structures, before the fun begins you have to assemble some of the elements before you will be able to mix them up. In the assembly of pipes I can give you two tips you may find useful when you′re behind the desk.

As Pipes are made of 1.5mm thick HDF, they tend to be quite fragile and can break when they fall down from table-height. The trick to make them stone hard is to use glue along the cut lines – just spread it gently inside. It will work great as a binding material and if the excess pours outside – you can always paint it to resemble oil streaks.

All Mechanicum structures are modular and can be assembled in various ways. In this tutorial, I′m glueing only some of the parts, using magnets for the rest of connections. This way, the table setup can be changed in hundreds of ways, saving you time and cost of preparing new board.
The magnets which I used for the hatches can be find in our online store.

The assembly

Starting from the base level, two sets of "Industrial Pipe: Crossing" were assembled without glueing the barriers on top - they can be added later on and don′t have a need for glue. The crossings come with 8-sided base - the same size as in Medium Industrial Platform an Prometium Chimney, which allows them to be placed above the ground, supported by several walls below.
As I was using only pipe sets in this tutorial, I chose to use them as base for the whole tower - but feel free to experiment and find out what′s best for you!

Moving on, I have assembled the ′upper′ part, which was composed of "Industrial Pipe: Straight" and two "Industrial Pipe: 45 degrees" sets. The platforms were not glued, same as barriers on top. Their base footprint is the same as Small sized sets of Mechanicum: Industrial Sector".

Below you can see how it turned the structure looks assembled at this step.
Another point, is that the walkways on top of pipes have holes fitting the joints of all Modular Bridges and other customizable sets - even though not used in thi tutorial, Feel encouraged to modify and play with them!

The last pipes to assemble were 90-degrees ones. They don′t come with 3mm HDF parts, but each sets consists of two pipes - which can be twisted and turned to suit the enviroment and exhausts of the othe pipes. You can always use them for the ′comin off the ground′ effect and blockin line of sight - they′re so useful!

After the assembly of 90 degrees ones, they′ve been added to the whole structure - now resembling a very big waterslide...

In the final steps I have cleaned the excess of HDF on the barricades and near the connections - now ready to be put into action! I have also added Mechanicum Catwalks to show you the ease with which it combines with other sets.

There it is - Hive Furnace, where gangs can get rid off crime evidence or enemies. Overall it turned out quite bigger than I expected. Also, it can be dissassembled to be used as stand-alone parts - thanks to the magnets.

Moreover - this set will be available as a bundle in our store! How is that for awesome?

Thank you again Zuza! On Wenesday we will see the arrival of first Industrial Pipes bundles to our store. Make sure to check on 12:00 PM CET on our fanpage!

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