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Studio Miniatures: Wrekk Sunzapper


Although Jeremi joined us little more than year ago, you may have had contact with him through various occasions – organizing event support from small tournaments to Las Vegas Open or London Grand Tournament, blazing the trail for Tabletop Scenics and more recently – taking the lead of his own Orc horde! His project starts with a character to lead his army of green-skinned warriors - kick it off Jeremi:

Jeremi: It seemed funny to me that working amoung Orc parts everywhere, it hadn′t grasped me instantly to start Orc force. However, with recent releases of Transporta Halftrakk and Sturmtankette I have laid my eyes upon our Orc range and grasped an idea for a sizeable force.
At first I wanted to catch our Orc Freak, but decided upon something more gritty – that′s the origins for an idea. So let′s get to it.

The base...

The base for the whole project was Orc Greatcoat Banner Bearer, modified with Savage Orc heads and 0.75mm plasticard. I wanted my Chief Shaman to be imposing, same style as other Orcs of Greatcoats range. asically, to make it more unique then just changing the pose, I decided to use the screaming head from the previously mentioned set. Plasticard would be useful to change the banner into quite impressive staff!

The beginning of the process was the clean-up of all parts with soap and removing the scarce mould lines with the help of the hobby knife. Next, I used some blu-tak to find a perfect pose for my spell-casting mad-man(orc?).
Whenever I start working on a new miniature, I like to change things a little bit - this timemake staff more tilted to the back, extend gun arm little more to the back and so on. Really loving this moment, here I make the first step into the story the miniature will tell.

Moving on, I wanted to make a proper staff to smite the enemies. The idea was simple - I started drawing gently on the plasticard, creating several lightning symbols and bits to use as ′bolts′ on the back of the erstwhile banner. After cutting them, they were given sharper borders and little cuts and bruises. Important note - I find 0.75mm thick plasticard little hard to cut using just the hobby knife. You may want to get yourself a hobby saw to make your life a little easier (or be a stubborn Mech-boss like me). Below you can see a Propa, assembled staff. The plasticard is so useful to make additional armour plates for Orc models - it will certainly appear in the next projects!

... and additional parts!

From this stage are little add ons I decided to add to my Shaman to make him more stand out. I picked a set of Mushrooms, which will fit nicely any Orc force (maybe even use some on my vehicles, where they can spring from the cracks!). Mushrooms were also cleaned, as all resin parts before.

I decided to use them for the base, but before that an idea came to my head – to make them bursting from Orc′s back, created by raw psychic energy this guy has. At first I created small holes using the smallest of drills from our Hobbby Drill, then used larger ones to make it fit the ′shrooms. Some of the mushrooms were cut at the base to fit into those holes.

Although it wasn′t my first intention, I have also picked a set of Chaos Books to add little elements to my green-skinned warlock. One landed on the base – to be crushed under the Orc feet. The second one I used as a trophy for his belt. By simply cutting the lowest plate and attaching book to it it looks like its hanging from a bone – problably of a previous owner...

Using the modelling putty I wanted to make them appear as they′re bursting from underneath the coat of the psyker. Once the grey mass has been placed, I started using metal tools (you may find dentist tools very useful in that – and mayb find your inner doc!) the borders were shaped and smoothed.

Below you′ll find the photo after the little work around the grey mass - nd the picture of the finished Orc Freak!

And eventually, here he is – mighty Sunzappa, screaming his curses and spells (mostly the same thing) at the enemy! I′m pretty excited to start an entire greenskin force – with scrap tanks and such. But first, let′s get to paint this fine lad...

That′s quite a report Jeremi! Come back soon for more model craziness in Studio Miniatures and Studio Structures series. We will come back later this week with a new announcement regarding 4th of July... more on Wednesday!

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