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Frostgrave Second Edition Official Terrain Series


Kromlech and Tabletop Scenics teams proudly present the official terrain series for the second edition of Frostgrave: Fantasy Wargames in the Frozen City made in cooperation with Osprey Games.

Frostgrave is an amazing fantasy skirmish tabletop game by Joseph A. McCullough, first released in 2015.
The game depicts fierce duels of small warbands led by the wizards in the frozen ruins of ancient city and their hunt for arcane knowledge and treasures.

The Frostgrave Second Edition rulebook will be released in August so it is a perfect time to assemble and paint the terrain designed exclusively for the game and be ready to play on the premiere day!

For the first time in Frostgrave′s history the players are able get the official terrain sets for the game, some of them designed for the specific scenarios from the main rulebook while the others provide Frozen City themed scatter terrain for the whole game board in one package!

We wanted the terrain to be best suited for the skirmish nature of the game.
The interiors are playable where it was possible and where it suited the scenario description.

We designed different levels of buildings as separate modules so the players can rearrange them in different layout every time they play. If you want, you can make two shorter buildings from the modules of the Bell Tower or combine the two sets of the Silent Tower to build 6 storey mystical spire!

We took an advantage of the ruined nature of Frostgrave and made some of the walls open to allow the players easy access to the buildings floors without removing the different modules every time and to keep a smooth game flow.

But let′s take a quick look on the actual sets in the range.
To establish the ground for the Frostgrave terrain series we decided to start with the essential sets.

The Town Ruins set alone bring you enough scatter terrain to cover 2′ x 2′ game table with 22 pieces of ruins that capture the labyrinthine nature of the Frozen City.

The City Ruins set introduce 9 larger buildings with additional floor and a set of ladders and gangplanks that will spice up the game with another level of tactical challenge.

City Debris, Marketplace Remains and Derelict Warehouse - the sets consisting of 5 resin pieces each give you a highly detailed resin terrain to bring even more atmosphere to your game board and will help you depict the different Felstad′s districts more easily.

And the Cemetery comes with 24 pieces of fences, tombs and statues perfect for the necropolis themed table and also for The Mausoleum scenario.
Speaking of scenarios...

We wanted to bring you the scenario specific kits.

We could not make all of them in one wave, unfortunately - the Second Edition book comes with 20 scenarios!
Along with Osprey Games we chose eight scenarios: six of them you know already from the first edition of Frostgrave: The Mausoleum, The Silent Tower, The Well of Dreams and Sorrows, The Haunted Houses, The Living Museum and The Complex Temple. Two of them are completely new, right from the the second edition rulebook: The Summoning Bell and The Right Hand and the Left Hand.

Those sets were designed faithfully to the rulebook descriptions and they give you the essential terrain you need to play the particular scenario.
Just grab some additional scatter terrain along with them to fill up the board tightly!

Note that some of the scenarios from the first edition has been changed in the new book (e.g. number of stone huts in Haunted Houses set).

And last, but definitely not least, comes the Merchant House. We went a little rogue with this one and decided it will be not ruined - just to show how beautiful the HDF fantasy buildings can be. And without the broken walls and floors this place is a deathtrap when two warbands fight inside the confined corridors of the House.

That′s all for now, but look forward for our upcoming articles where we will cover the specific sets in more detail.

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