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Going big again - new releases for May!


Streets of Hive City getting crowdier!

New month gives us five premieres to make city streets busier. But not only do we release small pieces for infantry - there is also one large structure coming our way!

Hive City Cages of Shame

"People who are not receiving capital punishment for things they did, are chained and closed behind iron bars [...]"

After the successful launch of Penance Station, we thought to ourselves "why not dig more in this subject?" And so we did!
Cages of shame will be available on May 3rd, available in sets of two!

Hive City Rooftop Water Towers

"A relic of the past, water containers on top of habitats are still used in grimdark future, popular among lower-class citizens. [...]"

At one point, we started to wonder, what else could be fitted on the rooftops? Apart from all awesome stuff yet to be shown to you, we wanted to bring the feel of old, still-in-use technology. So came the idea of old fashioned water tanks.

Hive City Residence

"These buildings of various shapes and sizes, offer much more space, so valuable in densely populated spires[...]"

Another large, LoS blocking piece for our collection! Hive City Residence stands taller than Hive City Mansion (12 inches high!), but continues to use the same motifs and details to fit into the aesthetic of wealthier areas.

Hive City Benches & Trash Bins

"[...]In times of war, they′re a mementos of more peaceful time - one were streets weren′t full of bodies and rubble."

Another upgrade to make your streets less empty - and with many of those and our fences, you could make a whole park!
Hive City News Stands

"[...] There are those with list of bounties on local criminals or different, with ′Schedulare′ on emptying street dumpsters by auto-servants. [...]"

Finishing the month with set of four News Stands. Each comes with several plaques in Latin and English to upgrade them.

See you with our first release on May 3rd!

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