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New release! Hive City Street Lights


Adding some dim light to shadowy streets of the grimdark cities.

The Hive City Street Lights pack all our favourite features - easy to assemble, lots in one pack and unique design.
But what are the details?

Along super-highways are rows of brightly-shining lamps, designed to fit one standard across the Imperium.
The Imperial Eagle adorning each lamp′s top is hiding sensor systems and location beamer. Whenever a wanted person passes nearby, the sensors are scanning the face and alarming nearest Arbitratorum of its location.

Street Lights open the March, adding much needed variety to cityfighting Although they don′t provide much cover (provided you are not a Plagueling or Goblin), they are more on the side of story and narrative aspect of the game. We decided that streets looked to barren on many tabletops - thus came the idea!

Hive City Street Lights were created with grimdark future universe in mind, but surely they can be incorporated into other fantastic settings! We kept the details to minimum, focusing on the simpistic and easy to assemble form.

More information

You will find even more useful information in the video below:

In addition, every set comes with a cover on front and full-color instruction inside. you can also download them from here.

However, you can always ask us on our Facebook or write at support@kromlech.eu. That′s right folks, we offer our full support!

What are your ideas for using it? We await all your pictures and comments!

Should you feel convinced? We hope so!

Get your Hive City Street Lights today.

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