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New releases of March


A month bursting with releases

February saw the beginning of the Second Wave of Gothic releases, with the premieres of Hive City Mansion and Hive City Ventilation Shaft. Starting tomorrow, we are going to welcome an avalanche of products. Six (!) new products, with additional webstore exclusive releases are ready to hit the shelves! Let′s get started.

Hive City Street Lights

"Along super-highways are rows of brightly-shining lamps, designed to fit one standard across the Imperium..."

Present in most of the footage in the trailer, Street Lights are something we wanted to include since the very beginning.
Now, they will be available in one pack of six. Also, we want to make them in bundles later on!

Hive City Transit Stations

"[...] In the web of transit routes, both on- and below ground, are scattered focal points – Transit Stations, each of unique number [..]"

Suggested by community, Transit Stations are one of those atmospheric pieces, which enrich the battlefield with their simple role.
The plaque on top is blank and left for your invention.

Hive City Transit Shelters

"[...] Shelters provide much needed coverfrom acidic rain to dusty wind, depending on weather in grimdark city."

Following the Stations, Transit Shelters will hit the streets half through March. Similarly to previous release, they will also appear in sets of two.

Hive City Vox Call Booths

"Called ′call-cages′ , these booths are often seen on street corners and near office structures.[...]"

Hive City Vox Call Booths are one of our favourite pieces, designed in the end of 2018. We made sure we can release them as soon as possible, so that you can also get excited as we do!

Hive City Iron Fences & Iron Fence Gate

"[...] When wealthier urban areas are assaulted,
fences that surround mansions became ramparts, barriers that cost tens of lives to cross."

These two sets will arrive at our webstore at the end of the month, just in time for our annual celebration - Bits of War birthday.
You can expect a discount as well as giveaways on both sets. And who knows, maybe bundles few days later...

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