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New release! Hive City Ventilation Shaft


Inspirational piece for 28mm and small scale battles.

The Hive City Ventilation Shaft has been available only in set of Hive City Confessorum - up till now. We decided to release this imaginative piece as a standalone product to give you even more flexibility with our products.

Billowing clouds of toxic fumes come not only from factories and Generatorums - throughout the city, the excess heat and smoke is ventilated by specialistic vent shafts, preventing lower living masses from dying of intoxication.
However, due to being used for literally thousands of years, their filter capabilities have worn out long time ago, without the knowledge of population on lower levels...

The Ventilation Shaft was imagined by the designers to merge several functions - and give space for interpretation when creating your own board. Be it a generator, a homing beacon in a warzone or heat emitter on an ice field - we are sure you will find your story in it!

Above all, we wanted this piece to create a grimdark atmosphere of forgotten machinery, technology covered in thousand-year dust and dirt, which is either still operating or malfunctioning without anyone to supervise it.

More information

You will find even more useful information in the video below:

In addition, every set comes with a cover on front and full-color instruction inside - which also available online here.

However, if you ever feel lost during the assembly process, you can always ask us on our Facebook or write at support@kromlech.eu - that′s right folks, we offer our full support!

In conclusion, whether you use it as a central point on the battlefield in war-torn city of grimdark future or entirely different diorama about conquering the Imperial City - we await all your pictures and ideas!

You can always grab the instructions for free right here. As always, there is a giveaway on our fanpage. It would be most awesome if you started following us on our social media: Facebook, Instagram & Twitter.

There is plenty of things happening there, trust us. Beside sneak peeks, 3D renderings & concept arts, we like to drop a hint about our future releases in the comments. Like in the case of last Orctober...

Should you feel convinced? We hope so!

Get your Hive City Ventilation Shaft today.

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