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New relese! Hive City Mansion


The Hive City Mansion starts our second wave of Gothic Spires releases. A great line-of-sight blocking piece for your games, as well as a base for diorama or city board, we designed it with careful attention to details and usefulness.

Furthest from gangs and horrors of lower levels are most luxurious homes of the wealthiest Hive City citizens.
Imperial nobility, most powerful merchants, and even retired army generals reside in this fortresses of stone and steel,
safe behind daedal reliefs and reinforced windows - plotting political intrigues as lethal as wars and plagues hundreds of meters below...

We asked our designers to document their drawing process for the final form of the model. Below, you will find a timelapse of it.

Hive City Mansion was designed to be less time consuming in construction and practical in game terms - its roof is a great platform for entire squads of miniatures or even vehicles to lay down fire from elevated position. Large walls can give full cover to monsters and robotic machines of destruction up to 9 inches tall.

You will find even more useful information in the video below:

Every set comes with a cover on front and full-colour instruction inside - which also available online here.

If you ever feel lost during the assembly process, you can always ask us on our Facebook or write at support@kromlech.eu - that′s right folks, we offer our full support!

Whether you use it as a central point on the battlefield in war-torn city of grimdark future or entirely different diorama about consquering the Imperial City - we await all your pictures and ideas!

You can always grab the instructions for free right here. As always, there is a giveaway on our fanpage.

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There is plenty of things happening there, trust us. Beside sneak peeks, 3D renderings & concept arts, we like to drop a hint about our future releases in the comments. Like in the case of last Orctober..

Should you feel convinced? We hope so!
Get your Hive City Mansion today.

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