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New release! Hive City Execution Site


The Hive City Execution Site is mostly seen in public places of Hive City. The "gruesome spectacle" character of decapitation act is meant to deter Imperial citizens from opening their mind for heresy and commiting crimes, from petty theft to treason. However, some view it as form of entertainment for the masses.

Sometimes Imperium must make an example of someone to keep masses in order - by fear of punishment. This guillotines are widely spread among squares and in front of cathedrals.
Once the execution is announced through the speakers around the city, citizens gather to hear the crimes of convict. More than once rebellions started in such places, with judges being decapitated by those, who were previously threatened.

What is even more, both stocks and blades can be assembled to be movable!

The Hive City Execution Site comes on four small HDF sheets. It is a large structure but assembled with but a few, highly-detailed parts (including five-layer oculus on top!).

Every set comes with a cover on front and full-colour instruction inside. The dimensions for this set are as follows:

Height: 16.5 cm
Width: 14.5 cm
Depth: 11.5 cm

If you ever feel lost during the assembly process, you can always ask us on our Facebook or write at support@kromlech.eu - that′s right folks, we offer our full support!

Whether you use it as a central point on the battlefield in war-torn city of grimdark future or entirely different diorama about decapitation scene in Imperial City - we await all your pictures and ideas!

You can always grab the instructions for free right here. As always, there is a giveaway on our fanpage.

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Should you feel convinced? We hope so!
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