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Product Focus: Deffstompers & Construction Yard


The titanic walker mechs are the pinnacle of ground warfare machines of the grimdark future. The orcs, who love all the big things and - especially - big weapons, are the masters of constructing gigantic walkers out of junk and scrap metal.

Every Orc Deffstomper is not only an enormous walking fortress but also a totem for its orc clan. The colossal effigies of orc gods or sometimes the legendary orc war-chiefs stomp across the battlefields crushing everything in their path and obliterating everything else in range of their super-heavy weaponry.

Orc Krushinator Deffstomper

The Krushinator class Deffstomper represents the orc titanic walker with more-or-less standard weaponry.
Equipped with the Tank Rippa close combat weapon and the heavy Deffkannon gun as a main armament it is bristling with all kinds of minor weaponry sticking out of every gap in its scrap-iron armour!

This super-detailed HDF kit with resin add-ons will tower 13" high over your tabletop battlefield!

But if you still want more dakka, take a look at the...

Orc Boomkilla Deffstomper

The Boomkilla class is a Deffstomper loaded with the cutting-edge weaponry and, oh boy, it has a lot more dakka!
Equipped with a close-combat Krushin′ Klaw, a Traktor-Kollida gravity cannon and a plethora of smaller weapons but also a super-heavy Belly Cannon and an Eye-Poppa laser cannon mounted on walker′s head!

But if you want to choose the right armament for your Deffstomper yourself, we have something for you.
The tool for the most ambitious Big-Mech Bosses, known as the...

Orc Deffstomper Kreator

This handy tool will let you order a custom Deffstomper with the armament selection of your choice, choosing between two different bodies, two head types and four arm weapon options.

Our kunnin′ Mech-Boys designed the connection system that allows to change Deffstomper arms and heads at will without the need of using magnets!
What′s more - the same type of joint connects the arm and the weapon allowing you to rotate it and mount it on the other side of your Deffstomper, so equipping two weapons of the same type is possible!

To raise and maintain such colossal war machines you will need the proper facility, and you will find no better than the massive.

Orc Deffstomper Yard

Those towering walls of scrap metal are construction yards where the massive walker war machines are being built.
The multiple levels of haphazard scaffoldings are crawling with goblin grease monkeys supervised by the Mech-Boys as the giant Deffstomper is growing with pieces of junk being welded and riveted to its ramshackle structure.

The Deffstomper Construction Yard is the perfect background piece to display your glorious Deffstomper model and a LOS blocker terrain piece for titan class walkers. It is also a great challenge for the skirmish games - just put some scrap on the top floor and watch the orc gangs trying to get it, fighting on the narrow ledges!

The four protruding platforms are mounted on hinges and can be rotated, just as the crane.

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