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New release! Imperial Propaganda Post


Imperial Propaganda Post is part of everyday citizen′s life - from announcing work hours to shouting teachings of Imperial Priests. Or maybe it will have a different story on your battlefield?
It is now available to buy! You will find it in our webstore.

On cities squares and crossings are Propaganda Posts, covered in posters and announcements for citizens.
From its loud, creaky speakers you can hear a low voice of Preachers, and Mech-priests announcing working hours, times of assembly and, if the time is dire, curfews.
Each night law enforcement must check if no rebelious contents are pasted on them.

The Imperial Propaganda Post in one of smaller Gothic Spires releases - but no less important! It accelerates the story of cityfight and adds more atmosphere to otherwise empty streets. Its walls may be covered in lists of heroes and forgotten prayersoor entirley different kind of texts. Maybe it will be an objective marker? It′s for you to decide!

The Imperial Propaganda comes on four small sheets of HDF - its really a compact kit! It takes less than hour to assemble it fully including cleaning of the elements and time to dry. You may also want to convert it - the rooftop gives you possibilities to attach anything you like, if you cut the top elements. And if you want to achieve a ruined look - nothing easier! Just remove some of the rooftiles and plates.

Every set comes with a cover on front and full-colour instruction inside. The dimensions for this set are as follows:

Height: 12 cm
Width: 7.7 cm
Depth: 7.7 cm

If you ever feel lost during the assembly process, you can always ask us on our Facebook or write at support@kromlech.eu - that′s right folks, we offer our full support!

We hope to see it in your Hive City′s soon!

You can always grab the instructions for free right here. As always, there is a giveaway on our fanpage.

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There is plenty of things happening there, trust us. Beside sneak peeks, 3D renderings & concept arts, we like to drop a hint about our future releases in the comments. Like in the case of Orctober..

Should you feel convinced? We hope so!
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